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Auto Colors Trending in 2017

When it comes to trends in auto colors, it’s safe to bet that designers will be looking to the future for their inspiration. There are some particular themes that could be expected from auto designers, however, and from these themes, one can derive an idea of the color trends to expect next year.

Technology and Innovation

Designers will be looking to themes of technological advances, opportunity and excitement, so to that end, one can anticipate colors like flaming red, silvery blue and an optimistic yellow. Expect to see colors that change according to the viewer’s perspective in 2017.

Quality of Life

A link to nature and a calm, connected lifestyle will be another color theme to look out for. Burnt orange, mossy green and a calming beige are expected to make appearances in the 2017 car models.

Classic Minimalism

When all else fails, automakers will often default to the tried and true colors that everyone can appreciate. For consumers looking for the steady simplicity and elegance of the familiar, watch for the ever-popular sleek black colors, crisp whites and collected gray tones.
All in all, in 2017 one can expect optimistic, forward-thinking colors with a dash of organic comfort and the ever-present monochromatic tones that are sure to win consumers over. For more information on the 2017 model of a favorite vehicle, contact Jim’s Body Shop in Louisville at 502-893-7836.