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Comfortable Transport With Pride and Protection - Signs Your Vehicle Needs a Paint Touch Up

The open road offers a great deal of excitement and a wide range of possibilities, but it's also the host of a number of potential hazards. Unfortunately, some of those hazards may cause damage to your vehicle that's difficult to detect, and you might find yourself carrying on with your life while unaware that a concern may be lurking.

Your car's paint job doesn't merely offer an aesthetic benefit. There are also several important structural and rustproofing protections that come from having a strong coat of paint, so if that paint is damaged, it's important that you act to repair it. Unfortunately, small paint defects frequently fall in the category of subtle damage.

Below, you'll find a guide to some signs you should keep an eye on that may signal a need for paint repair. Acting quickly to touch up your paint will restore your vehicle to its best possible look and can guarantee that small damage doesn't become serious damage before you realize it.

Fading and Discoloration

One of the biggest challenges in auto paint maintenance is noticing gradual changes. If you're around your vehicle every day, it might be difficult to identify a slight change in color that comes with fading. None the less, fading paint is a sign of sun damage that's likely taking a toll on your interior as well as your exterior, and it may also damage plastic or rubber components.
If you notice your paint beginning to fade, it's important to examine your options in sun protection and bring it in for a proper coating. In order to detect fading, make sure that you take notice of other vehicles. Do comparisons to nearby cars in parking lots. Reference older pictures of your vehicle and compare them to its current state. Your paint service might even be able to take sample colors and do a direct comparison from manufacturer references.


Regular wear and tear can result in scratches to your vehicle even if you're careful with your usage. Particulate matter floating in the air might pass over the surface of your vehicle at a high speed, leaving damage that may escape notice but still might cause an issue. This doesn't count, of course, the possibility of scraping against a hard surface or even intentional vandalism.

Driving around with a scratched vehicle doesn't simply leave you with a less appealing look. It might also cause structural damage, as defects in your paint can allow water, salt and other contaminants to seep in and create perfect conditions for rust. That rust can then spread throughout your vehicle in covered and difficult to detect spaces, causing a serious issue that can degrade the reliability and value of your vehicle.

Bubbling and Peeling

Professional auto paint services can apply paint cleanly to your vehicle in a way that guarantees a smooth finish. If that smoothness starts to dissipate, it may be a warning sign of something problematic occurring below the surface and starting to become a serious issue.

Any paint that separates from the metal surfaces of your vehicle needs to be immediately removed and replaced. Without seeking that repair, the damage is likely to spread, and you'll be facing some of the same issues that come with scratched paint. The damage is also likely to be more visible and can harm the pride you have in your car or truck.

Jim's Body Shop offers a variety of body services, including paint repair, that can return your vehicle to its best form. Reliance on a professional is an important step, and turning to a body shop that you can trust will give you confidence that you can get back on the road as quickly as possible.