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Symptoms of Low-Quality Auto Body Work

Auto mechanic repairman inspecting car
There are good reasons why consumers will spend a lot of time researching the best auto body repair shops before they choose a specific one to handle their vehicle. The body of your car may primarily be a cosmetic feature, but low-quality repair work can drastically reduce the overall value of the vehicle. Unfortunately, there are always those DIYers and non-licensed auto body enthusiasts who think they have what it takes. 
Whether you are buying a used vehicle or you suspect you've had a bad auto body repair service experience, it's a good idea to get familiar with what true quality body work looks like. This can be done by learning about poor-quality body work and the signs and symptoms. Check out this short list of surefire signs a vehicle's body damage was not handled by a true professional. 

Gaps and Misaligned Parts 

The best body shop will jump through hoops and search high and low for properly fitting replacement parts, which can be quite the challenge if your vehicle is an older model. However, if a mangled vehicle has been repaired by someone without the proper training, you can't always expect the same. The lack of attention to finding proper parts can mean things just don't line up right when the car gets put back together. 
When examining a vehicle that has been repaired after an accident or before you buy it, there are certain areas where you should look for gaps and misalignments. For example, you should check:
  • The distance between the tire and fender for even spacing at every wheel
  • The gap between the side panels and front end
  • The alignment of doors and the gap between the door and door frame
Other signs of misaligned parts can be simple things like a door that seems hard to close or headlight beams that seem off kilter. If you do spot irregularities, misalignment, or large gaps, your vehicle was not given the proper attention during repairs. 

Paint Color Discrepancies 

Some auto owners believe that discrepancies in paint color are just natural occurrence when body work is done, but this is really not the case. As long as the body shop you're dealing with has the right equipment, they can usually get such a close match to paint color during repairs that you would never know the difference. Three things the best auto body shops will have to avoid paint color discrepancies, include: 
  1. Computerized urethane paint mixers to achieve the perfected color hue
  2. Industry standard paint sprayers 
  3. Enclosed painting booths with baking capabilities to properly cure paint finishes
Additionally, upstanding auto body shops will have skilled technicians that use a range of things to properly match color during repairs. For example, a spectrophotometer may be used to measure the exact hue and light level of a car's paint for more precise matching. If it is found to be impossible to properly match the paint on certain parts, a skilled technician will recommend a full paint job, not just a partial. 

Can Low-Quality Body Work Be Amended?

Whether you've bought a vehicle that has obvious signs of tacky repairs or you've had a bad experience with a low-quality body job, you should know that even poor work can usually be rectified. Take the vehicle to a licensed body shop and they will work to make the necessary adjustments to really restore the vehicle to its former glory. 
The outward appearance of your vehicle is almost as important as every other component. You wouldn't trust mechanical work to just anyone, so make sure when you need body work, you go with an auto body shop you can trust. Contact us at Jim's Body Shop, Inc. where quality is never an accident intentional expertise is readily available.