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The Importance of Auto Body Repair

If you want to trade your car in or sell it down the road, it’s important that you have a good maintenance plan in place for taking care of your car’s exterior. Otherwise, these issues could turn into even bigger ones later on.

Repair Dings and the Windshield

Fix small cracks in your vehicle’s windshield in a timely manner. If you don’t, they will almost definitely get bigger over time.
If you have any dings and dents that have broken through your vehicle’s paint sealant, it’s wise to have them pulled out either when it happens or soon after.
By not addressing this damage, corrosion and rust may begin to develop around those areas, which could significantly lower the value of your car. A good auto body repair shop can fix cracks and chips to help maintain the structural integrity of your vehicle.

Minimize Exposure to the Elements

Leaving your vehicle in the sun day in and day out can wear down the paint on your car. Two of the best things you can do to prevent oxidation or fading is to:
  • Invest in auto paint protection film from an auto body repair shop
  • Wax your car on a regular basis
Your vehicle and your wallet will benefit from preventive maintenance. Contact Jim’s Body Shop, Inc. in Louisville for more details and a competitive quote on auto body repair.