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Hours of Operation:

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The Process After a car Accident

It can be difficult to know exactly what to do after a car accident. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the basic things to know regarding insurance and repairs. Here are three things to keep in mind after a wreck occurs.

Get an Estimate on the Damage Done

One of the first things that should be done after filing a claim with an insurance company is to get an idea on how much damage has been done to the car. You should get a preliminary estimate on the vehicle and then you are free to take it to a body shop of your choice to begin the repair process.

Keep Your Deductible in Mind

Assuming you have auto insurance, the company will accept liability if you were at fault in the wreck. This basically means you will have the responsibility of paying the deductible, which is usually somewhere between $100 and $1,000. If the accident was the other driver’s fault, it would be filed through their insurance, and they will pay for repairs.

Getting Your car Back

After the car has been fixed properly at our auto body shop, you can go pick it up. The payment for the repair work will be due when you get the car. If your insurance company gave you a check for this, be sure to bring it in to pay for the costs.
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