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Why You Shouldn't Put Off Fixing Car Dents and How the Repair Process Works

When you come out of the store to find a big dent in your car, it's enough to ruin your day. Your mind starts racing over how to deal with insurance, how long your car will be in the shop and how much the repairs will cost.

One thing that helps during this time of stress is to work with a friendly and reputable auto body shop that assists in your rental-car arrangements and dealings with your insurance company. Even so, you may be tempted to put off the repairs so you can avoid the whole problem.

Here are some reasons why you want to have the repairs done as quickly as possible and what you can expect when the work begins.

Why to Have Dents Repaired Quickly

Dents affect the appearance of your car, and if you have a newer model car, you probably want the dent repaired so it doesn't make your car look bad. Even if you have an old car, you should still get dents fixed, especially if the paint is cracked.

Cracked paint is the first step in rust developing on the metal of your car. Once rust starts, it spreads until your car becomes an eyesore. Rust can also spread inside the car and affect some of the components, which leads to the need for costly auto repairs.

Rust is an enemy to your car, so keeping it at bay is important. Another reason to have dents repaired is because they may cover more serious damage. When you discover your car with a dent, you don't really know what happened to it or how hard it was hit.

It's possible parts underneath the dent were damaged or cracked. You definitely want a big dent examined and all affected parts repaired so your car doesn't develop additional damage or break down on the road.

What to Expect When You Get an Estimate

Getting an estimate is the first step in getting your car fixed. This step is required by your insurance company, and it gives you an idea of what your cost will be. Estimates are usually quite accurate when they are determined with the help of a computerized system.

The software contains a database of parts that provides the shop with prices and availability for vehicle parts for all makes and models of cars. The software also calculates the labor required to repair or replace various parts of your car.

This software allows the auto body shop to give you the most accurate estimate on how much the repairs will cost as well as how long your car should be in the shop.

How Auto Body Repairs Are Done

The auto body technicians will pull or push your car’s dents back into place if possible. Sometimes, they may fill the hollow of the dent with body filler to restore the contour of your car. This process involves sanding off the paint so the filler adheres.

After the filler dries, the area is sanded again so the surface is smooth. If your car has other damages, such as a bent frame from the impact, they can often be repaired with precision machinery that restores the body of your car to its original condition.

Once the body of your car is in good shape, paint is applied so the repairs are invisible. This process can take several days to complete, especially if parts need to be ordered for the job.

Whether you discovered a mid-size dent in the door of your car or a crumpled front fender, it can be a stressful situation to deal with if you don't know much about cars and how the process of auto body repair works. Put your mind at ease by calling the professionals at Jim's Body Shop, Inc. where you and your vehicle will be treated with expert care.​